SWERVE is a collaborative tool that is transforming the way our clients do business across every facet of their organization. It stands for Simple Web Environment for Reserved Virtual Events.

Whether you need to bring people from around the world to your virtual event or share sensitive information among colleagues in a secure environment, SWERVE is adaptable for every unique situation.

With SWERVE, you’re not just unboxing an innovative piece of software. You’re unleashing the power of the people of AEIO who listen to your needs, develop customized solutions and provide real-time support before, during and after your events.

You’ll be harnessing a dynamic platform that will allow your business to collaborate, share knowledge and advance common ideas like you’ve never done before.

Product Features

  • Secure invitation-only environment with customizable attendee ticket types allowing for a variety of event access options.

  • Fully customizable user profiles including optional video intros and personal event schedules.

  • Reception Area for attendee interaction with search and filter functions for targeted networking and on-demand chat and video call features.

  • Virtual expo hall featuring customizable Exhibitor Booth layouts and customizable booth interiors with optional video displays and live interaction between exhibitors and attendees.

  • Multimedia interactive Presentation Hall with side stage, breakout room and small-group roundtable capabilities.

  • Attendee Survey and Poll features available both event-wide and during individual presentations.

  • Post-event access to networking environment to enable attendees to easily maintain networking connections and access to event materials including recordings of event content.

  • Optional meeting invitation and scheduling tool to allow participants to create structured daily schedules of interviews and discussions.