Focusing on people does pay off and strong human resource practices are the result. By outsourcing the human resource practices, you and your employees benefit tremendously. It is important to have professionals working for you who will analyze and provide the best HR strategies which will have the most positive impact on your business. Our human resource professionals will help you decide which strategies are best suited to your needs and then help you implement them with ongoing support.

From a small business to a midsize firm to a large business, AEIO can boost your company's profitability by assuming the responsibility for employer-employee administrative services. This includes payroll records, compliance with government regulations, HR services, and employee benefits administration.

Staffing Support and Augmentation Services. AEIO also offers personnel staffing and staff augmentation services in a number of industries. We offer full-time and part-time personnel in service areas ranging from program management and administrative positions to technical positions in engineering, manufacturing, and construction. Our corporate recruitment, vetting, and on-boarding procedures make sure that you are provided with the best candidates that are committed to performing “The AEIO Way.”

Here is how your company benefits:

  • Human Resource Policies
    We will analyze the culture of your office and provide policies tailored for the people within your business and create, print and socialize an employee handbook.
  • Employee Conflict Resolution
    Through mediation that is specifically tailored to the culture of your office, AEIO will mitigate employee conflicts, one less worry for your company.
  • Compensation Analysis
    Our compensation and benefits specialist has a deep knowledge of employment, workforce and labor market trends related to salary, performance, economic factors and industry-specific practices.
  • Employee File Maintenance
    AEIO knows it is very important to keep personnel files in good order not only to comply with legal requirements, but also to have easy access to information about employees when you need it.
  • Recruiting and Hiring Practices
    Our Human Resources professionals will establish practices and policies specific to your company and in compliance with federal and state laws regarding non-discriminatory practices.
  • Pre-Employment Background Checks
    AEIO understand the importance of pre-employment background checks to assess job candidates' attributes, reputation and overall history. The consequences of the failure to conduct these investigations can cost firms valuable resources, and ca often lead to a loss of confidence and reputation.
  • Verification of Employment
    Along with recruitment and hiring practices we also offer the reviewing of employment history such as how long that person worked for the company, his exact position and specific job duties, the department he worked in and salary information.
  • Unemployment Claims Management
    Our claims management professionals organize, files and provides assistance in respect to litigation and federal regulation of unemployment claims.
  • Payroll Solutions
    Our state-of-the-art outsourced payroll service ensures accurate, timely, and confidential check processing, as well as assumption of all payroll tax filing and compliance issues.
  • HR Services
    AEIO offers a full range of HR consulting services in employment law, health and safety, compensation, fair employment practices and labor relations and personnel procedures.
  • Employee Benefits Strategies
    AEIO provides a variety of large-group employee benefit plans to fit your company's specific needs. Our employee benefit consultants administer programs including enrollment, renewals, COBRA administration, and employee communication. We only work with the top providers in the industry and handle all troubleshooting headaches so that you can concentrate on the business of making money.
  • Technical Staffing Support
    AEIO supplies technical specialists for engineering, manufacturing, and construction projects for both short and long-term project needs. We feature a corporate database of pre-qualified candidates that are available for immediate deployment.
  • Program Management and Administrative Staffing Support
    Our program/project management and administrative support associates lead and support mission-critical initiatives for our government and commercial clients.
  • Staff Augmentation Service
    AEIO provides a variety of subject matter experts to fill your temporary or permanent staff openings and complement your existing team. Additionally, our human capital experts are able to assess your current staffing levels and develop a right-size plan to optimize your team.